Gadgets that changed our lives

1. Introduction


It is said that the amount of technological advances that we have seen in the past decade are one of  a kind. Never before has life seen so much improvement in such short span. Gadgets, devices, softwares and hardwares, all of these have undergone major transition for the better. Everything looks very futuristic and promising. Artificial Intelligence has already seeped into our corporates, and will soon be an everyday reality for every human. I, personally, push back againt endemic proliferation of AI into our work forces, but that’s not what we are focusing on right now 🙂 .


My life has become high tech, and it’s not that I am one of the privileged ones. From rickshaw pullers to tailors, from bus drivers to mechanics, from elders to toddlers, everyone has been touched by the wave of refinement  and advances in tech. I am compelled to dig a bit in the recent past, and unravel what all gadgets and devices have been integral to our progress.

2. Internet




Now, I know Internet is not a gadget per se, but it is what has enabled other devices to be the world changers. For one, Internet has brought the whole encyclopedia in our hands. Wikipedia and Google Search answer most of our queries and problems. We don’t need any specialists to resolve our doubts anymore 🙂 .

Internet has made the world one big global village. We are virtually boundaryless, can work with people from any culture in any part of the world. Isn’t that a miracle in itself ? People have become more accepting of others, they know way more about other ethnicities and societies. This has happened  because of the awareness created by Internet.


Internet doesn’t work solo. There have been major developments in modems and Wifi routers, and not to forget the 3G/4G/LTE/GSM etc jargon. The speeds and qualities are only getting better, preparing for IOT (Internet of Things) .


3. Mobile Phone

Here, I mean the basic mobile phone, and not the smart version of the current times.  Do you remember the small Nokia and Motorola handsets with Rs 24/minute call charges ? And incoming calls were also chargeable 🙂 .  These phones were big game changers. Slowly, as their rates were streamlined and the call qualities improved, these  miracle devices became indispensable and  essential part of everyones life. For women, they were a big safety thing. They could now call their parents/family anytime and from anywhere.


4. Video Streaming Devices (Apple TV, chromecaste)




Watching Internet TV has been revolutionary. DVDs,CDs have been wiped off our collection. Plug in your Internet Media streaming device, and watch Hi Definition Video on your TV sets. Netflix, Amazon etc now provide services that enabled us watching only our favourite programmes at our convenient time. How cool is that!


5. Fitness Bands (Fitbit)

A very promising gadget, it consolidates your physical activity data and provides it over the internet cloud. Wear it all day as a watch, you will get data about your stress levels, the number of steps you walked, heartbeat and pulse. You can access all this information over all of your internet connected devices. It helps you keep track of your physical activity and heart vitals, to achieve optimum health. Sometimes, it can get a little overwhelming to know so much about your health 😉 .


6. Tablets




If you are a parent, you know what tablets have done to the present generation of kids 🙂 . They are tablet experts! Kids can do everything and anything on it. They learn to rhyme, play games and even watch tutorials on these little wonder devices. Tablets are a little more convenient than smart phone for kids, parents don’t need to run after them to get back the phone incase they may get a call :). The bigger size of the screen and the device as such makes it easier for kids to watch and handle.

Small businesses have benefitted from tablets. I prefer working on it, I don’t like to keep everything on the phone. And it is easier to carry than laptop.


7. Smart Phone

I believe, this is the most revolutionary gadget of this decade. It has brought about major changes in the way we live now. Software applications (apps) running on smart phones can provide us with almost any service that we can imagine. You can order food, book movie tickets, arrange your vacation, carry on your business essesntials, all on this small beauty. Apart from making calls,ofcourse 🙂 .  You can chat (audio and video), watch videos and listen to you favourite music on it.  They have replaced the need for a camera. Now we click pictures , everywhere and all the time 🙂 .


8. Summary

The gadgets that I have highlighted are my personal favourites. They represent just the tip of the iceberg, there are many more out there that are equally fantstic. Wireless speakers (bluetooth speakers), wireless headphones, smart watches, medical gadgets, navigational devices. The list is endless.

My only apprehension is that the advances in technology have led to some level of alienation. It’s cool to be social on the internet.  Actual interaction with people has seen a subtle decline. With all good, some not so good goes along, and we are OK with it 🙂 .




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