Truecaller,freedom from unwanted calls

Yay..I finally get down to blogging today, thank God for that 🙂 .

For many a days, I had been wanting to share my experience with Truecaller with you all. I was a little apprehensive about using this  app , like we all are about all apps 😀 .  However, this one is one of the most useful one that I have come across in a long time.

If you are any bit like me, I am sure you wouldn’t like picking calls from unknown numbers . Truecaller is the ultimate app to help us out with this grave problem 😀 .

Truecaller basically lets you know who is calling you, even if that number is not saved in your address book ! How cool is that ☺️ . Not just that, it also let’syou know if it is a spam call, like a marketing or call center number.

Another cool feature, when you plan to call someone, it let’s you know if the other person is busy. Great 😀 .

The only point worth thinking about is that truecaller gets access to your address book. But then, you gotta give something if you gotta get something, right ☺️ .  I have been using it for a long time now, and I am pretty much satisfied with it.

I. Download Truecaller from Playstore and install it









2. Enter your phone number




3.  Enter your name and email id


4. Truecaller Home Screen



5. Most Important, Truecaller shows who is calling

When someone calls you, a pop-up will come on the screen that will display the name of the person calling, and probably some information about the person, like his profession etc. It also lets you know if it’s a spam !



A very useful app, don’t miss out on having it on your phone 🙂 . Feel free to ask me incase you face any problems while installing or using it .



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