How to Start writing a blog

Hello friends, today I will be doing what’s been on my  mind for many days, to teach you how to write a blog, that too a free one  😀 .

I am a big fan of WordPress, and that is what I will be taking up. So, if you are passionate about something, don’t wait anymore. Start writing about it and share with your world ☺️ .

1.  Goto wordpress website

Go to the wordpress website link for creating blog .

Press the get started button.

2. Select the option for how you want your blog to look

You may select the first option.

3. Choose a theme. You can always change it later.

4. Create a domain name ( the name of your website link ) , and select the free option.

For eg, you can give the option ilovedog,  WordPress will suggest options.

5. Create a login with your email id.

6. Congratulations, your website is up and running ☺️ .

7. Explore the Admin console

The grey area in the left is the Admin console, use it to change the look and feel of your website. Experiment with it to get what you like ☺️ .

Here I end the initiation into creating your own blog. As I always say, feel free to ask incase of doubts ☺️ .

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