AI, another enigma

Where is this world going, you must be wondering πŸ˜€ . If this ‘digital’ thing wasn’t enough, what is this AI, in God’s name? .

We lucky human’s were bestowed with great intelligence, that has taken us this far. Well, now its our turn to instill intelligence into devices, computers etc. So that we human’s can sit and get lazy, while these machines take over our jobs and work 😌 . 

So before that really happen’s and we become useless, we can atleast try to understand what Artificial Intelligence is, at a high level πŸ˜€ .  AI is making our devices etc intelligent so that they can take decisions, predict future actions, and then perform in response to those actions. As an easy example, If you have ever played Chess game on your smart phone, the moves made by the ‘phone’ are AI, in its simplest form. The software in the game, can predict your future moves, and makes its moves in accordance to that.

Well, the world is moving fast, and we are eager to give this intelligence to every work area, industry possible. 

It’s not all that bad , as I make it sound πŸ˜€ . For example, the Medical field uses AI to predict if a patient is susceptible to any life threating disease. By comparing the patient’s vitals with available information. Google’s self driven car, is another example. And its only increasing and spreading like an epidemic 😐 .

At engineering level, its a lot of algorithms, data scientists working to find even better and more efficient ways. It also means a lot of job opportunities for these lucky guys  in the future πŸ˜€ .

I hope I have been able to atleast raise the curtain and get past the feeling of ignorance. I need to learn more, and your questions are one way to do it . So please feel free to discuss ☺️ .

As a natural progression, I will write about algorithms soon. So, please be on the lookout ☺️ .


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