UPI for easy money transfer

In going cashless, UPI is another endeavor to simplify the transfer of money. I got to know about it accidentally in one of my visits to the bank ☺ , and it turned out to be extremely handy once I started using it.

The ease of use is what makes it a worthwhile technology. It is actually like sending email: from sender’s email ID to receiver’s email ID . Bingo!

Steps : get your upi address from the bank ( it is easily generated online in simple steps). Get receiver’s upi address. Using upi app, like iMobile for ICICI bank, seamlessly transfer money.

Advantage: you don’t need receiver’s bank account number, IFSC code and other details everytime you make a transaction. Its free☺ , no additional levied for now .

a. Download iMobile app from Playstore and install


b. Open iMobile app and setup as directed



c. Provide your account login detail


d. Authenticate using your card details



e. all done, set up UPI address

1.Select the upi option in the screen given below

2. Select manage option to create upi address

3.Select create virtual payment address

You can give options like abc@icici

f. Start transferring money using upi

  1. Select option pay to virtual payment address.

2. Enter your address and receiver’s address.

So easy ☺ .


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