Paytm for going cashless

One of my favourites, in recent times. Primarily because of ease of use and simple interface.And now, it is being accepted for payments in all the necessary places.

a. Download Paytm app from Playstore

Goto Playstore of your smartphone. Search for paytm, it’s a free app. Download it.


b. Start Paytm app

Paytm icon is as shown below. Click on it and open the app.

Front page will open, as shown below.

Most important options are:

  1. Pay
  2. Add money

c. Add money to your Paytm account

Click on the option ‘add money’ . The screen shown below will open. It will ask you for the amount of money you want to add. Enter the amount, and press ‘add money’.

The next page will ask for your credit card details, card number and cvv number. It will then authenticate the details entered.

You can also use Net Banking option.

d. Pay money

Select the option ‘pay’ on the home screen to make payments.We can either send it by using

  1. phone number  of the receiver
  2. QR code of the receiver

For sending money to the receiver using  his QR code, scan the QR code of the receiver. You will see the name of the receiver for confirmation. Confirm and send.

For sending money using receiver’s phone number, select the option ‘mobile number’ . Enter the phone number and amount.

Another important option is to see the ‘passbook’. Here all of your money transaction details are enlisted.

All the places as shown below accept Paytm for money transactions.

I hope this tutorial is helpful. It maynot be all inclusive yet, but I am sure it will help in getting past the initial hitch 🙂 .

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