kids safety from phone content

If your kids are any bit like mine, they would be using your phone many times to play games ☺. While I don’t mind their seing harmless stuff, I am all the time worried they might access things inappropriate for them.

There can be photos, adult jokes, videos, anything for that matter. While the phone is in their tiny hands, my mind is a little dizzy with fear 😀. So, I decided to get rid of this problem once and for all 😎 .

CM Security app is just what I needed. Here I will be describing simple steps to get this app up and running on your phone.

CM Security to lock your apps

This app has got many security features, but I will be mainly focussing on its ‘app lock’ feature.

You can individually choose and lock different apps and data on the phone. For eg. you can lock your photos, facebook, whatsapp etc. You can use passwords, patterns or whatever you are comfortable with.

1. Download CM Security Applock Antivirus

Goto playstore of your phone, and search for CM Security Applock Antivirus.

Download it and install on your phone.

2. Select Apps for locking while installation

3. Select the apps that you want to lock after installation from homescreen

4.Set password

5. Set CM Security access on

6. You are all set !

Congratulations 😀 . Your kids are now protected from seing unwarranted things.

Everytime you will try to access your locked app like facebook or whatsapp, you’ll be asked to enter the password. That is a small price to pay for the peace of mind that you get 😀 .

So friends, I highly recommend using this app. I have been using it for quiet some time now, and am very satisfied.

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