google docs for easy documentation


An essential if you believe in writing, while on the go as well. Google docs is a documentation tool, it has everything that’s needed for writing effective documents. It has support on the cloud, so you can write on one device, access it on another. This reduces dependence on a particular device. For example, you can start a document using the ‘google docs’ app on your smartphone. And then if you don’t have access to your phone, you can open it on your laptop and continue working on it.


You need to use your google account to manage the document. And using that account you can access the document on all devices. is the link for opening document in the browser.

Another good feature is that you can save the document in different useful formats. the ‘.docx’ format is compatible with windows word. You can also save the document as PDF. Both ‘.docx’ and PDF formats are the most popular ones.


These documents can be saved in Google Drive.

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