Evernote our new secretary

I started using Evernote some time back to write down lists, of work that I wanted to complete and so on as I was just forgetting important tasks to complete.


And today it is my secretary in true sense šŸ˜€ . Its made me more efficient and it is very handy.

Reasons are:

  • Its easily accessible on the phone. And it gets easily synchronised to other devices, so you can access your note on multiple places.
  • Its intuitive. All features are self explanatory.
  • You can use text option, to make simple text lists.
  • You can click pictures and save them as a note, eases out saving and searching later.
  • Edit pictures.
  • Create your own doodles.
  • It also has an option to save voice notes. It was very handy for me sometime back when I was unable to type due to pain in my hands šŸ˜€ . That’s when I discovered this very useful feature.


Next time you feel frustrated due to inability to organise your work, consider having a look at this very useful tool.


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